Qingdao Pengrui Machinery Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Pengrui Machinery Co., Ltd.
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  • Province/state:Shandong

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PDM-Industry. is a manufacturer of Standard Fasteners, Screw Machine Parts, and Fastening Products to serve the OEM market World Wide. Auto exhaust pipes and Rigging fitting are our new project from 2007. Such As: V Band Clamp Kits, Hose clamps, U Exhaust Clamp and S.S Flexible pipes. Untill now we win many longterm customers with our standing qulity and good service. It is our constant purpose to strive for Excellence! Our promise to our customer is Good Quality Controlling System and On Time Dleivery! Quality Controlling is the most important for International business. Our engineers will care every detail requestment from customers, and carry out the orders critically as customers' need. Our company provides an environment where the necessary tools are readily available to our staff to achieve that excellence. We are a strong team comprised of talented, committed, and professional individuals giving their fullest efforts in every aspect to the customer and the company every day.

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